Called to join the France group which is preparing the reception of Scotland, Baptiste Pesenti has tested positive for Covid-19. The health situation in Marcoussis is starting to worry. Roxana Maracineanu called Bernard Laporte and the Six Nations committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss the continuation of the next match.

The list of 31 players selected for the match between the XV of France and Scotland will have to be modified. One more time. Integrated into the France group after the discovery of five cases of Covid-19 this Monday morning, Baptiste Pesenti will not have the chance to set foot on the lawn of the Stade de France this Sunday. The last test he took in Pau with his club was positive according to Rugbyrama. The second line will be placed in isolation and will be forfeited for the third day of the Six Nations Tournament. The FFR should soon unveil the identity of its replacement. Provided that the match takes place.

The certainties of the weekend are no longer so solid after the discovery of six new contaminations within the players initially selected for the reception of the XV du Chardon. Faced with this massacre, the Six Nations committee could be forced to act. In a statement, the body announced that it would rule on Wednesday. ” The Six Nations Test Oversight Group (TOG) will meet again on the evening of Wednesday February 24 to review the situation. A decision on the France-Scotland match will be made. Ensuring the health and safety of all players and staff is our number one priority. If the decision were to go in the direction of a postponement, the match would be scheduled for the earliest possible date. The Six Nations wish all affected players, coaches and staff a speedy recovery.

Roxana Maracineanu spoke with Bernard Laporte

At the same time, Scotland have announced their willingness to see the match go ahead on schedule, especially to avoid a dispute with the clubs over the release of the internationals. Discussions could be lively in the coming days. The FFR could find itself in the obligation of being accountable. Not to his next adversary, nor to the Six Nations Committee, but to the Government. The team revealed that Roxana Maracineanu spoke with Bernard Laporte. The Minister of Sports would have asked for a daily statement of the results of the France group. With this request, she wishes to verify compliance with the health requirements formulated by the authorities. A surveillance which adds a little more pressure to a XV of France where the health situation is more and more tense.

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