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    Man City-PSG in pictures

    PSG lost 2-0 in Manchester, and left the Champions League.

  • 2/9

    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Another frustrating European evening for PSG.

  • 3/9

    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Under freezing weather, PSG failed to find the loophole.

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    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Neymar failed to carry PSG to the final.

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    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Riyad Mahrez has hurt PSG very badly.

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    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Unstoppable for Keylor Navas.

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    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Angel Di Maria saw red at the end of the game.

  • 8/9

    Man City-PSG in pictures

    Pep Guardiola won his duel against Mauricio Pochettino.

  • 9/9

    Man City-PSG in pictures

    First C1 final for the Skyblues!

Consultant for beIN SPORTS, Arsène Wenger was not fully convinced by the performance of the Parisians.

There was no miracle for the PSG in front of Manchester city. Condemned to the feat after their 2-1 defeat at home in the first leg at the Parc des Princes, the capital club failed to reverse the trend against the Citizens, even conceding a new defeat against Pep’s men Guardiola (2-0). Consequence of the shortcomings displayed by the Parisians.

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On the set of beIN Sports, Arsène Wenger has also pointed out certain recurring weaknesses of PSG, especially in defense. “You could say that tonight, PSG played well and showed real qualities in several aspects of their game. But they were taken twice in counterattack. The important thing now is to analyze properly. The defense is not good enough to win the Champions League, he explained. There is a lot of potential but corrections to be made. High level matches require concentration, calm and control. We cannot ignore that they finished both games at ten. It happened again. They need to make progress in the discipline when the going gets tough. It is an important part in high level matches. ”

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