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Hair loss is undoubtedly one of the biggest emerging issues in the world right now. Billions and trillions of people face problems of hair loss early in the world, especially men. There can be different reasons for hair fall. Tattoo hairline is one of the science charismatic skills. Scalp tattoo or tattoo hairline refers to the micropigmentation of the scalp that is performed at Scalp micro USA by professionals.


Studies have shown that bald people can lead to confidence issues. Hair loss or bald can happen due to genetics, diseases, health issues. The hairline tattoo is an addition in the advancement of SMP. It is introduced to tackle with the hair loss.

SMP is an economical and convenient option for people. It requires less time than hair transplant surgery. The small needle is used to inject pigments in the initial layers of a scalp with micro-pigmentation process. This process gives your scalp an illusion of a perfect hairline. The pigments that are injected in the skin are known as “Folicule”, a best-quality pigment.


The SMP treatment works to restore the natural and original hairline shape. That is why SMP is also known as Hairline tattoo. SMP also works to fill in the head completely and be called scalp tattoo.

The SMP will help you to save your money from buying anti hair fall shampoos, pills and injections every now and then. The risk factor is minimum in the SMP. There is no chance for hair transplant surgery in the SMP. The SPM works to hide the scars and spots on your scalp. SMP is also a long lasting treatment.

However, you need to see a SMP specialist in every four years. SMP restores the hairline of the person and saves him from partial or complete baldness. The SMP treatment does not require any maintenance. The person recovers fast from the SMP treatment than a hair transplant surgery.


SMP requires different stages of treatment to get the best possible outcome without any risk. These stages of treatment are all convinient.

  • First of all, you need to consult with a micropigmentation professional or practitioner. Talk in details about your thoughts, goals, ideas, fears and other questions about hair, SMP, other treatment,etc.
  • Choose the hairline style that suits you best. The consultant will help you to go through many looks and choose the one that looks natural on you. This consultation is free of cost.
  • Second steps starts with the first session of micropigmentation. The micropigmentation takes place in 2 or sometimes 3 sessions. Every session in consist of maximum 3 hours. The gap between the sessions is around 10 to 14 days maximum. The pigments will settle down in your scalp in the meantime.
  • Third step requires healing. Avoid oiling, shampoo and other products at your scalp.


The SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) is similar to the typical cosmetic tattoo services. What microblading is to eyebrows, micropigmentation does the same for your scalp. The scalp micropigmentation or SMP is the most cost friendly, non-invasive, safe and successful treatment.

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