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    Barça would not have given up on attracting Neymar this summer.

  • 2/15


    Neymar, however, put an end to the uncertainty reigning over his future.

  • 3/15

    Neymar vs Bayern Munich

    The Brazilian has indeed indicated that he will continue in Paris.

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    Is the soap opera of its extension finally closed?

  • 5/15


    The PSG extension proposal has been ready for a long time.

  • 6/15


    Neymar is offered a new five-year lease.

  • 7/15


    He is currently linked to the capital club until June 2022.

  • 8/15


    The formalization of this extension was to take place in the coming days.

  • 9/15


    Its extension being set up as a priority by the Parisian leaders.

  • 10/15


    Yet the Barça rumor is not completely extinguished for Neymar.

  • 11/15


    The Brazilian crack returns from an injury to the adductors.

  • 12/15


    Neymar’s salary at PSG stands at 31 million euros.

  • 13/15


    A salary that Barça could have difficulty in assuming.

  • 14/15


    And yet in Spain, we believe again in the reunion between Neymar and Messi.

  • 15/15

    Neymar annoyed

    The sinking of PSG in the second half against Manchester City did not go unnoticed in Europe …

At least if we believe the information from the Spanish press …

The Neymar soap opera continues. And this is obviously not the elimination of PSG in the semi-finals of the Champions League against Manchester city which will cool the ardor of the Spanish press, convinced of the Brazilian’s desire to return to Barça during the next summer transfer window.

A desire shared by the leaders of Barcelona, ​​who have already discussed with the entourage of the Brazilian to discuss his return to the Blaugrana. And to believe La Vanguardia, the price of the native of Santos would have already been established.

Recruited for 222 million euros in the summer of 2017, Neymar could leave for a sum of between 60 and 100 million euros. Consequence of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the contractual situation of the Parisian n ° 10, who has only one year of contract in the capital.

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