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How to choose the best potato slicer?

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How to choose the best potato slicer?

Potato slicers are one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets out there. Despite its name, it’s used to cut so many other vegetables. Potatoes are one of the most frustrating vegetables to cook because of how much prep they need according to the preparation method.

Whether you are cutting up potatoes to make fries, or mashing them, you most likely need to do one potato at a time. That is extremely time-consuming. To counter that problem, a potato slicer is going to be your new best friend.работни обувки fw34 steelite lusum s1p 38
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Here is how to choose the best potato slicer for you:

Type of slice

The term potato slicer is an umbrella for a huge family of slicers. Some slicers look nothing like others but they all essentially serve the same purpose: to slice. Of course, the cut of each slicer will be different so you need to narrow down exactly what cut you need the most.

For example, if you’re a fan of french fries, it’s probably a great idea to invest in a good quality grid cutter that helps turn potatoes into fries in a snap.


Some tools come with really complex blade replacement systems, so you probably want to make sure the existing blades are sharp enough to last a significant amount of time. Dull blades can easily be one of the most frustrating things in the kitchen, so it is best to keep those tools sharp and handy.


One wrong move with a potato slicer and you could would up with a horrible injury. Newer versions of potato slicers have come up with more safety features than before. Some slicers come with guards, while others have a strong recommendation to use gloves before use. Regardless of the form of safety measures, it’s always important to take care of that first.


Like any other product on the market, potato slicers also come at various price points. However, being expensive doesn’t always mean it’s going t be good. You need to have a solid budget and find an appropriate slicer that fits that range. A chat with the salesperson will help you pick out the best one for your price range that’s why it’s recommended to go shopping for a potato slicer in person.


Keeping a hundred different potato slicers for each type of cut is also not a very great idea. Instead of that, it’s highly recommended to choose a potato slicer with multiple different functions so you can always get the cut you need without excessive bulk.

A proper, multi-functional tool is a mandolin with detachable blades. A mandolin is also flat and easy to store.


Choosing the right potato slicer is important because it’s a tool that is meant to be with you for years to come. It is not worth getting a slicer that does not even fulfill its function to the best of its abilities. read more What Exactly is Nutraburst?

When choosing a potato slicer, it’s crucial to make a note of the essential qualities it needs to fulfill.

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