From Italy to Thailand – See the Beauty of Every Plate!

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From Italy to Thailand - See the Beauty of Every Plate!

Every plate is made up of at least three parts: the top, the bottom, and the sides. The top is usually the most visible part, and it can be either flat or curved. The bottom is where food goes and the sides are where your hands go. The second part is the most important. The shape of the plate has a big impact on how your food tastes and looks. A curved bowl allows more of your food to be on display, so it does not get cold as fast.

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Types of Every Plates

Different cultures have their own unique way of eating, which in turn has led to the creation of different types of plates. From the traditional Western plate that is used for bread and butter to the Japanese sushi plate that is filled with rice and nigiri, there are a variety of plates that can be found all around the world. Here are five of the most common types of plates:

  • The Western Plate – This is the most common type of plate. It is usually rectangular and used when ordering food. In the United States, it is usually used for sandwiches or hamburgers.
  • The Japanese Sushi Plate – In Japan, the sushi plate is a commonplace to eat. It is rectangular and comes with both a rice and nigiri dish.
  • The Chinese Meal Plate – In China, the meal plate is used for different types of cuisine. It comes with a soup and rice dish on the side.
  • The Japanese Bento Box – In Japan, the bento box is usually used to serve food at school or work.
  • The American Meal Plate – In the United States, the plate is usually rectangular and used for sandwiches or hamburgers.
  • The Chinese Soup Bowl – In China, the soup bowl is a good way to serve both rice and noodles. It is triangular in shape.

How to Use Every Plates?

Everyone has their own way of preparing food. Some people like to cook everything from scratch, while others rely on pre-packaged meals. No matter how you eat, you need some type of plates to serve your food in.

Here are five tips for using every plate:

  1. Use a dinner plate for main course meals.
  2. Use a cereal bowl for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Use a soup bowl for soups and stews.
  4. Use a tea cup for your favorite beverage.
  5. Use a dessert plate for desserts like ice cream and pudding. Side dishes can also be served on the dessert plate.

When to Use Every Plates?

There are many occasions when a person might need to use every plate. For example, if someone has left their dinnerware at home and must eat out, they would need to use their utensils. Additionally, people might need to use every plate if they are hosting a party and want to serve all of the food items on the table. In these situations, it is important to be mindful of how many dishes each plate can hold.


In conclusion, every plate has a story to tell. As we continue to use and collect plates, let’s remember the stories they represent and the people who created them. Let’s also remember that they are more than just objects- they are pieces of history. Whether you’re a collector or not, plates make great additions to any home, and can be a fun way to learn about different cultures. So go out and find your own special plate- you never know what story it may tell.

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