This past weekend Trent Dilfer’s Elite 11 Quarterback competition was in Houston, TX. I was able to cover the event and got a chance to watch San Antonio area talent compete with some of the best players at the position in the region and country. This was the best run event I have when it comes to attention to details, amount of reps for attendees and time per station. It was incredibly efficient and a fun environment! Here are some of my takeaways from the event.

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Overall player scores for event (Elite11)

The event showed that San Antonio is right in the thick of things as it pertains to the position of quarterback in the country for the class of 2022. With two of the top ten overall scores on the day and the second highest graded passer of all contestants. Given the weather on the day participants had to endure, scores may have been higher and times faster. Nonetheless all competitors looked to perform to the best of their abilities on the day.

San Antonio Reagan HS, Quarterback Britton Moore
San Antonio Reagan HS, Quarterback Britton Moore (Brandon Holland)

Britton Moore – ’22 – Reagan

Moore was able to show off his athleticism in the competition and show why he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the San Antonio area. He ran a 4.60 second 40yard dash time that was best amongst the area’s quarterbacks. He finished 4th overall on the day with a score of 91.26.

Boerne HighSchool, QB Rashawn Galloway
Boerne HighSchool, QB Rashawn Galloway (Brandon Holland)

Rashawn Galloway – ’22 – Boerne High School

Galloway had a very solid day and was the other area top 10 finisher at #7 with a score of 85.38. The arm strength was definitely on display from the jump and he took well to the coaching that was provided at each station when correction was needed.

While every station included different skill sets to be proven from combination routes to bootlegs. The 9-throw station that gives the passer deliberate targets and spots to throw to with 1,3 and 5 step no hitch drop backs was a great one to see. The importance of the station cannot be undersold as it was graded on a 3 point per pass system with 27 being the highest total to gain.

Sylas Gomez – ’22 – Central Catholic

Gomez shined in the 9-throw station, as he racked up 21 of 27 possible points. This station showcased the exact skills that the Central Catholic QB excels in. Precise placement of passes, good arm strength coupled with smooth mechanics all around. He placed 2nd out of all contestants at the event.

Brennan HS '22-Ashton Dubose
Brennan HS ’22-Ashton Dubose (Brandon Holland)

Ashton Dubose – ‘23 – Brennan HS

Dubose fared well with the competition as well, he was the youngest of the San Antonio quarterbacks at the event. He stated “I learned a lot and it was fun! I picked up a way to trick DBs too!”

Churchill HS '22 Tight End - Braeden Flowers
Churchill HS ’22 Tight End – Braeden Flowers (Brandon Holland)

Wide receivers get good work!

There were several notable targets for the Quarterbacks to throw to from the 210 at the event. Churchill (TE) Braeden Flowers, Brennan (WR) Aaron Dubose, Antonian (WR) Gabriel Foltz and Harlan (WR) Tarius McClure to name a few. Quarterbacks are responsible for bringing 1-4 Targets for the drills. This is a prime opportunity to be taken advantage of by receivers from San Antonio and all areas. If you get asked to attend, you should go. The coaching and details aren’t just solely for the Quarterbacks alone. Every participant got good coaching.

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