• 1/12

    Raymond domenech

    FC Nantes had a good match on Saturday night in Montpellier (1-1).

  • 2/12

    Raymond domenech

    His Canaries went 0-0 against Rennes.

  • 3/12

    Raymond domenech

    He discovered Beaujoire as a trainer.

  • 4/12

    Raymond domenech

    Ten years after the end of his adventure at the head of the Blues, Raymond Domenech has returned to service in Nantes.

  • 5/12

    Raymond domenech

    The Lyonnais had not coached at a club since 1993.

  • 6/12

    Patrick Collot

    He succeeds Patrick Collot, who has been acting since the dismissal of Christian Gourcuff.

  • 7/12

    Raymond domenech

    Raymond Domenech started his club career with FC Mulhouse.

  • 8/12

    Waldemar kita

    Waldemar Kita has been strongly criticized by some Nantes supporters for years.

  • 9/12

    Raymond domenech

    Raymond Domenech will be 69 in January.

  • 10/12

    Raymond domenech

    In 2017, he opposed the arrival of Claudio Ranieri.

  • 11/12

    Raymond domenech

    He remained at the head of the France team for 6 years, until the Knysna fiasco in 2010.

  • 12/12

    Raymond domenech

    Raymond Domenech has signed up with FC Nantes for six months.

Young Abdoulaye Dabo has arrived in Turin to engage with Juventus.

Abdoulaye Dabo arrived in Turin on Monday, where the player underwent his medical examination before signing up with Juventus. The 19-year-old midfielder will be on loan from the FC Nantes à la Vieille Dame, with a purchase option of 1.5 million euros according to Ouest-France. He should evolve initially with the U23 Bianconeri.

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