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Charles Ollivon: “We don’t want it to stop anymore” 

The captain of the XV of France, who will return his stripes for the end of the convention tour obliges, draws up a very positive assessment of the first months with the new staff and the new group.

Is this success at Murrayfield nine months after conceding your only loss of the year there, a sign of the progress made since then?
Charles Ollivon: Somewhere yes. We played a consistent match for 80 minutes. There was real adversity in the face and we held on. We built our victory over time. I am very proud of everyone. Everyone stayed in the frame, not a guy gave up. Honestly, it’s really fun this successful service.

Are you happy with the way against Scotland?
It’s just the victory that counts, it’s won and it does everyone a lot of good. We were keen to have a good match here. It’s done. It’s good to finish with a win. It was a magnificent year 2020. Everyone would have signed at the beginning of the year, with this group. We end with a single defeat (for six victories, Editor’s note) and we knew how to cultivate victory.

With eight changes at kick-off, did you lack cohesion early in the game?
No. The France group has been the same for five weeks. We work well together, we have automatisms between us all.

To end on a positive note like that is only happiness

How did you experience your first months as captain of the XV of France?
At first there was a little hesitation in the group, some were a little shy. Now, we are at the heart of this adventure and we are living it well. We don’t want it to stop anymore. We enjoy it together in the French team. We just want it to last as long as possible like this …

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Are you going to celebrate the separation, the end of this tour for most players?
There were smiles at the end of the game and there will be more. Everyone is very happy. Take to heart to make the most of the last moments tonight (Sunday night) before returning to the club. We will enjoy it after five weeks together. To end with a positive note like that is only happiness.

Who will be the new captain since your tour ends there?
I know it (smile). But it won’t be revealed until Monday (it should Baptiste Serin, Editor’s note).

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