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Test match: Les Bleues crucified at the last second by England 

Unable to beat England for six games, France has never been so close to stopping the series in the face of its pet peeve. The Blue were indeed inclined 25-23 this Saturday, at the last second, after leading a large part of the meeting. Beaten 33-10 in the first test match last week in Grenoble, the French wanted to take their revenge in the den of Twickenham, especially as they learned on Thursday that the Red Roses would be in their group at the next World Cup in New Zealand. Against the team currently considered the best in the world, France managed a great first half, won 15-5. If Caroline Drouin opened the scoring on penalty, England quickly took control of the meeting, on a try from Zoe Harrison, who took advantage of a small defensive largesse from Coralie Bertrand (5-3, 18th). But five minutes later, France reacted perfectly by scoring its first try of the match, by Emeline Gros, after an English touch lost near the line (5-8, 23rd). And what about the second tricolor test, registered in the 39th by Cyrielle Banet, who recovered the ball on the middle line after a superb job by Shannon Izar and flattened in the in-goal (5-15, 39th)!

After this almost perfect first half for the Blues, the second started less well. Cyrielle Banet was given a yellow card for having kicked an Englishwoman in the shoulder while she was stuck on the ground. The English took advantage immediately, scoring a try by Davies after a touch at 5m and a ball carried (10-15, 46th). Drouin gave France back eight points on a penalty (10-18, 51st), and at the hour mark, the English coach decided to bring in his eight substitutes at once, and in particular a certain Emily Scarratt, voted best player of the last 6 Nations Tournament. But this visibly destabilized the English women at first. Cyrielle Banet has indeed scored her second try of the afternoon, in the right corner, after a bright pass from Safi N’Diaye (10-23, 65th). These will unfortunately be the last French points …

Because in the 69th, England scored a try by Cleall, a true copy of the previous one, on a touch and then a ball carried, to return to -8 (15-23). And the Blue also conceded a try five minutes later, by Kildunne, who escaped two tackles and slipped into the French defense. The score was then 22-23 after Scarratt’s transformation. But after the siren, the French made a mistake and Scarratt did not pray to offer victory to his team, on a penalty at 20m, slightly on the right side. What a disappointment for the Blues! But this match should give them confidence for the next 6 Nations Tournament, and especially for the World Cup.

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