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NBA: Nicolas Batum will be released by the Hornets 

The 31-year-old international tricolor will be able to engage with the club of his choice.

Nicolas Batum and the Hornets, it’s over. As reported by Charlotte Observer and from multiple sources in the United States, Michael Jordan’s club will release the captain of the France team to make room in his payroll to welcome Gordon Hayward ($ 120 million / 4 years). Little used last season, and not even at all after the game in Paris against Milwaukee in January, Batum, 31, had recently activated his player option at $ 27.1 million for the 2020-21 fiscal year, which ‘it should touch in full. The former Manceau will therefore be free to engage with the club of his choice as soon as the news is made official by the Hornets. Chosen in 25th position in the 2008 Draft, Nicolas Batum played his first seven years in the NBA in Portland, before joining Charlotte in 2015. A year later, he signed a new contract for $ 120 million over five years.

More info to follow …

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