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Mitrovic still did not understand his dismissal from ASVEL 

Today coach of Monaco, where he had already taken place on the bench in the past, Zvezdan Mitrovic returned to the columns of L’Equipe on his ouster from ASVEL at the end of last season.

On May 20, a few days before the announcement of the final shutdown of the Jeep Elite season due to the coronavirus pandemic, ASVEL, then co-leader with Monaco and Dijon, announced the dismissal of its trainer Zvezdan Mitrovic “for serious misconduct”, in particular because of his behavior with the referees. The case will now be settled at the industrial tribunal, where the 50-year-old Montenegrin coach is claiming 1.09 million euros in compensation from his former club, which he will therefore have coached from 2018 to 2020. This Saturday, the one who finally bounced back in Monaco (where he had already gone from 2015 to 2018) confided in the columns of The team on his ouster, which he does not understand.

Mitrovic: “I did not expect to take a shot in the back”

“I have strange, mixed feelings. First of all, make it clear that I am not delighted with the defeats of ASVEL, he admits. But when ASVEL loses matches, some internet comments show a photo of me smiling like I’m happy. I find that catastrophic (for the image of ASVEL). I spent a perfect year and a half at Villeurbanne, I had excellent relations with the players, even with Antoine Diot to whom I had told he would have his time in the play-offs, with the staff , management, and even with the president (Tony Parker) I had NO bad words … Frankly, in a year and a half, I had only one problem, it is with the manager (François Lamy, advisor to the president) and it lasted fifteen minutes. It was nothing at all, but it’s the only one I can remember. (…) Last year, I had the best season of my career with them, ten wins in the Premier Euroleague (tied) in Elite Jeep, Maledon who is sent to the NBA (he has just been drafted by Oklahoma City, editor’s note. ), Strazel that we make debut in Euroleague. So I didn’t expect to take a shot in the back like in a western. A discussion, a simple phone call where he (Parker) would have said to me: “Zvezdan, we are not happy with you” or “we are happy, but we want to separate”. We discuss, no problem. The discussion, it will finally be for next February, before the industrial tribunal.

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