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LOOK: JUCO football team tries to bring running chainsaw out of the locker room, is stopped by referees 

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Referees at a Mississippi junior college football game had to step in to prevent a team from bringing an active, running chainsaw to the sidelines on Thursday. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The chainsaw belongs to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and was put away prior to the team’s game against Jones College.

Video of the moment shows senior defensive tackle Brian Merritt about to lead his team out of the tunnel while revving the large chainsaw. A coach runs in front of the group of players and responds to something said off-screen, and then tells the senior player to stop revving the chainsaw. The rest of the dialogue was reported by Sun Herald photojournalist Alyssa Newton.

This apparently isn’t just some random intimidating object the team decided to bring with them for the hell of it. In fact, the team had been bringing a chainsaw to the sideline for the past two seasons, so it’s become a bit of a tradition, according to MGCC coach Jack Wright.

“We run a blitz called, ‘Saw,'” Wright said, per the Sun Herald. “It’s a pretty risky blitz, I guess you could say. You don’t leave a lot of help on the back end. We’ve got the kids sold on that’s the greatest defense we can run.

“It’s kind of taken on a life of its own over the last two years. Our kids love [the chainsaw]. It brings a lot of energy and I think it’s unique. Anything that gives the kids a little boost before the game, I’m all for it.”

While the team wasn’t allowed to bring their de facto mascot to their sideline, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to their opponents, winning 35-8 and securing the Mississippi Association of Community Colleges Conference South Division championship. The Bulldogs also earned the right to host the championship game against Northwest Mississippi.

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