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James Rodriguez, the terrible stroke of blood 

The situation becomes explosive in Colombia where captain James Rodriguez did not hesitate to come to grips with a teammate.

Cafeteros are on edge. Blame it on the disastrous results on the qualifying front for the 2022 World Cup. Beaten at home 3-0 in the 3e day, the Colombian completely sank on Tuesday during his trip to Ecuador. Weighted down by a catastrophic start to the match, the Colombians conceded a terrible 6-1 and are in seventh place in the standings.

The atmosphere is very tense and the latest revelations from the Colombian press provide further proof. According to different local media, a fight took place between several players on the sidelines of the slap received in Ecuador. If the versions differ, it seems certain that James rodriguez, captain of the selection, is one of the belligerents. He would have come to blows either with Jefferson Lerma (Bournemouth), or with Luis Muriel (Atalanta).

James Rodriguez’s denial

Faced with the controversy aroused by these revelations, Everton’s attacking midfielder nevertheless firmly denied any involvement in any altercation. “Both in the locker room and in my personal life, I have excellent and respectful relations with each of my teammates, he assured in a statement. I ask everyone not to sink further into disinformation and slander. Those responsible and creators of these fake stories intend to create discord and chaos by attacking my name, and I will seek justice if necessary. “

A denial that will not be enough to ease tensions. According to the Colombian press, the Cafeteros are going through an unprecedented crisis. The fault of dissensions within the selection which oppose two clans. Tired of the situation, Carlos Queiroz would have submitted his resignation, leaving the federation to decide his fate.

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