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Garcia kindly recarde Cherki 

Present at a press conference this Friday, Rudi Garcia mentioned the Rayan Cherki case. disappeared from radar for several weeks.

Heralded as a future crack, Rayan cherki no longer play the slightest minute of play with theOlympique Lyonnais since his entry at the end of the game against OM (1-1) on October 4. An eternity for the 17-year-old forward, who is growing impatient and struggling to hide his frustration, as the newspaper revealed The team ten days ago. At a press conference this Friday, 48 hours from a trip to Angers on behalf of the 11th day of L1, OL coach Rudi Garcia justified his choice, at the same time disclosing some advice to his nugget.

“He still has things to improve”

“When it comes to attacking, scoring or being decisive you can count on him. He must continue to work on his replacement, his placement and his defensive generosity for the team, at thus entrusted the former coach of OM. (…) He must give more guarantees to the coach of being able to make him play in all the game situations that we lead or not, whether it is a draw, whether it is away or whether it is ten or not, Garcia warns. I do not forget that he is only 17 years old and that he still has things to improve. “

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