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False model at RSA, the “blackmailer” of Anthony Martial condemned 

The young woman had trapped the footballer of the France team on social networks. She was sentenced to an eight-month suspended prison sentence.

A suspended eight-month prison sentence was imposed on a woman on Friday accused of trying to blackmail French Manchester United striker Anthony Martial, with whom she had a relationship via social media. The criminal court of Nancy went beyond the requisitions of the public prosecutor François Perain who had asked for a six-month suspended sentence against this woman, who will also have to pay “one euro in damages” to the footballer.

Unemployed in Nancy

Anthony Martial was not the only sportsman victim of this woman, explained Mr. Perain to AFP. One of them, a basketball player from the France team, preferred to pay, added the same source. The football international filed a complaint in July 2019 against this woman who appeared on the Instagram social network as a model traveling around the world. In fact, she’s a 30-year-old unemployed woman living near Nancy from the RSA. Between 2018 and 2019, according to this woman, she and the footballer had regularly exchanged messages and especially intimate videos.

“I have a lot of compromising photos, either you pay, or I throw everything at the press”

A message from the accused sent to Anthony Martial

The young woman had threatened to publish these images when the player sent her an SMS to put an end to the virtual story. “I have a lot of compromising photos, either you pay, or I throw everything to the press”, she was accused of having written. During the hearing in October, the defendant’s lawyer had refuted the “attempt at blackmail” and had, according to the Republican East, highlighted the absence of sender and date on the screenshot of the message presented by the prosecution.

This message materialized the attempted blackmail, on the other hand considered François Perain, who had also highlighted a fraud at the RSA. In this related aspect of the case, the court ruled in favor of the prosecution and ordered the confiscation of all the seals, namely a large number of luxury items seized from the home of this woman.

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