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Listen to Episode 50 of ‘Gang’s All Here’: Jim Harbaugh as Jets Coach? feat. Mark Sanchez 

Jim Harbaugh
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After a peaceful week without having to watch the Jets lose a game, it’s back to the grind. The 0-9 Jets look to keep the tank for Trevor Lawrence alive when they take on the 2-7 Chargers. The Jets have become the “get right” game for every team they face. If you’re struggling, the best cure is taking on Adam Gase’s team. While the Chargers have found new heartbreaking ways to lose every week, they enter Sunday’s matchup against Gang Green as 9.5-point favorites. To preview the game, talk about Jim Harbaugh as a head coaching option, drop a Jets rap and have a long conversation with Mark Sanchez, we bring you a brand new episode of “Gang’s All Here” podcast with Brian Costello and me.



Gang’s All Here Opening Segment with Jake & Coz:

  • Jim Harbaugh as a Jets head coach option? We get into his success with the 49ers, some struggles at Michigan and why he would make sense for the Jets to at least explore after the season.
  • Sam Darnold is out again this week as Joe Flacco makes another start at QB. Will Darnold play again this season? Should the Jets shut him down?
  • Mekhi Becton will return. Bryce Hall and Bless Austin will be starting CBs with Quincy Wilson and Pierre Desir both gone. Desir was a miss from Joe Douglas.
  • Jets-Chargers preview. We both are taking the Chargers. Justin Herbert looks like he just played Xbox in his mom’s basement for 24 hours with his new haircut. He still will beat down the Jets.

Brian’s Book:

  • Coz tells the story of when Mark Sanchez ended up on the front page of the NY Post with Eva Longoria on a golf course in New Jersey eating breakfast. They were focused on finding Tim Tebow on this golf course, but they ended up finding Mark instead, as he was also living there. Mark’s brother was not happy with Coz. Mark did not care. Sam Darnold ended up on Page Six too, but Sam did not care.

J-Swizzy Jets Rap: I bring out my alter ego J-Swizzy for a rap about the Jets.

Mark Sanchez Interview:

Former Jets QB (2009-2013), Back-to-Back AFC Championship Games in 2010-2011, Host of “4th & Forever” Podcast with Showtime Sports, ESPN NFL & NCAAF analyst, Baby Alien on “The Masked Singer”

  • Preparation that went into being on “The Masked Singer” on FOX.
  • Going to karaoke in NYC after a win, piano bar, go-to karaoke songs.
  • New coaching staff, new GM, new player, tough situation for Sam Darnold. He has to make serious decisions about career longevity. Maybe another situation is better for him.
  • Pressure of being a 23-year-old QB in NYC. Won early on, people loved him, took advantage of those relationships. He talks about having fun and enjoying NYC.
  • Can’t keep changing coaches, need to develop an offense. The key is good players more than coaches. “Johnnies and Joes more important than X’s and O’s.”
  • Remembering names of plays when offensive coordinators change constantly. Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator. Coz saying he’s sorry to him later on for calling for him to be fired back in day.
  • Tim Tebow would not curse in the huddle. “S–t screen” was “Shoot screen” for him.
  • Nick Mangold would joke around and ask bible questions. “Why aren’t there dinosaurs in the bible?”
  • Mangold and Tebow would go back and forth on religious history in team meetings.
  • Chicken fingers on the sideline, trying to make Nick Foles lighten up during a game.
  • Love for musical theatre. Gives out his Mount Rushmore of broadway musicals.

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