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Best Calendar 2020

Best Calendar 2020 

If you want to stick to a schedule, it is best to have several calendars to help you every day. Whether it’s on a special date or an important meeting, a visual reminder can help you stay on track. Create a unique family calendar and include photos of your pet and your wanderlust for personalized and special motivation every morning by your own photocalendar. But which custom calendar size is right for you? We have narrowed down the list of the most popular calendar sizes to choose from.

Calendar size guide

  • Calendar type Calendar size (inches)
  • Poster 16 × 20, 20 × 30
  • Canvas 11 × 14, 16 × 20, 20 × 30
  • Wall 8 × 11, 12 × 12
  • Mouse pad 7.75 × 9.25, 8.5 × 8.5, 9 × 8
  • Writing desk 5 × 11
  • Easel 5 × 7
  • Magnet 3 × 3

Wall Calendars

Calendar poster on the wall

Wall calendars are great for those who need a visual touch to complement their artwork or framed photos. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Shutter fly’s wall calendar lets you add notes to each day and include photos for each month, while the poster and canvas calendars are single-sided, separate items. Whichever way you choose to display the calendar, your favorite photos will keep you smiling all day through you photocalendar.

Easel calendar

A best easel calendars are versatile because you can display them in a variety of fun ways. While they look great on any countertop, table, or as a coffee table decor, individual items also look good on the wall along with other printed photos. Making your own photocalendar is a breeze with Shutterfly’s calendar templates. You can choose a vertical or horizontal layout and customize the display of one or five photos on your printed postcards every month.

Easel calendars are a great gift for friends or family to keep them on track in the New Year. Whether you create a personalized calendar dedicated to your pet, or use it to keep track of your child’s monthly milestones, it’s easy to customize to suit your unique style.

Calendar magnet

No room for a big calendar? No problems. Calendar magnets fit anywhere and look great next to other reminders like invitations and funny Polaroid shots. Whether you’re short on space or just need to decorate your refrigerator or notice board, including a dedicated calendar magnet will make your space more enjoyable. Use this personalized photocalendar as a unique baby announcement or as a gift for your grandparents, trainer or teacher.

Desk calendar

One of the most popular photocalendars is the desk calendar. It not only keeps you informed, but also gives you great memories with every page you turn. High-quality desk calendars are a modern accent on any countertop. If you’re looking for great photo gift ideas for your beloved one, mom or dad, this will be a fun conversation starter.

Final thoughts on calendar sizes

Whichever calendar you choose, remember that it comes with fun personalization. Get creative with images, quotes and flowers for a unique gift or desk accessory. You and your loved ones will have something to smile about all year round.

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