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Rifle shooting: a sport to discover 

Did you know that sport shooting is the third most practiced individual sport in the world after tennis and golf?

This Olympic discipline is both a physical and a mental sport, which requires perfect self-control and excellent precision.

Grouped into several categories, rifle shooting is its flagship discipline.

To practice rifle shooting, nothing could be simpler, just go to one of the 1600 affiliated clubs of the French Shooting Federation and take a shooting license.

Accessible from 8 years old and without age limit for adults, this makes it a sport that can be practiced with the family. Moreover, more and more girls and women are pushing the doors of shooting clubs!

The different rifle shooting disciplines

Many disciplines allow everyone to practice rifle shooting according to their level, age and budget.

Whatever the discipline, the objective is always to shoot, using a weapon, as precisely as possible on a target, fixed or mobile, located at a variable distance (from 10 meters to more than 800 meters). in order to obtain maximum points.

Air rifle shooting

Practiced standing (sometimes kneeling) with the use of weights, at a distance of 10 m.

This is a fairly technical shot, with almost no recoil. Compressed air shooting is an almost compulsory step for beginners. This shooting is an ideal school in order to acquire the technical bases, but also the notions of safety and handling of a weapon.

.22 long rifle rifle shooting

It is the most popular discipline in rifle shooting.

Small caliber cartridges, the .22 Long Rifle, are used.

These include the caliber used in biathlon by Champions like Martin Fourcade.

The shooting generally takes place at a distance of 50 m in the 3 regulatory positions:

Large caliber rifle shooting

This is the discipline of medium and long distance shooting, from 300 m to over 800 meters.

Centerfire cartridges up to 8 mm caliber are used.

Regulatory Gun Shooting

This sport shooting discipline allows the use of weapons which are not, for their primary purpose, intended for competition.

We thus shoot with “classic” weapons such as hunting weapons, weapons intended for the police or the army.

Regulatory Gun Shooting combines the pleasure of collecting and use in regulated competition.

Ancient Weapons Shooting

This discipline allows the use of old weapons or replicas using black powder.

A structured and supervised sport

Rifle shooting is a calm sport, which is neither violent nor dangerous. Security measures are strict and each shot is supervised by a monitor.

Safety rules are taught in the club from the start, whether for handling the weapon during reloading operations, or for the various protections that must be worn during firing (hearing and visual protection).

Weapons can be loaned by the club during the session, this is particularly the case for air rifles. Each participant can then buy their own weapons.

A relaxing sport that relaxes

Rifle shooting is, contrary to what one might think, a relaxing sport.

Sports shooting is even compared to yoga by some practitioners, and that is anything but coincidence.

This sport involves a total effort of concentration and control of breathing.

Breathing control is essential when shooting, you have to manage your emotions and fight your stress. During a shooting session, the shooter must empty himself, think of nothing other than the target and his weapon.

After a session, the participants feel light and totally relaxed… Some even feel a floating sensation like after a yoga session.

A little-known sport, to discover quickly

This sport, you will understand, is the opposite of what one might think at first glance.

Practiced individually but also as a team, rifle shooting is a sport that will suit everyone: men, women and children.

The many clubs present in France and the different disciplines will allow the whole family to find a category that suits them, and to progress at their own pace, in competition or for leisure, under strict and supervised safety rules.

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