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7 gift ideas for a sporty man 

Are you looking for gift ideas for a sports fan?

Finding a good gift idea is not easy, but know that there are a multitude of gifts that can satisfy a sports fan.

Here is our selection of 7 gift ideas for sporty men:

Smart watch

The connected watch is an excellent gift idea for athletes fond of high-tech products.

These watches are synchronized from downloadable applications on any smartphone (Android or iOS).

A connected watch allows you to follow your heart rate, the distances covered for running, cycling or swimming, the GPS position, the altitude, the calories consumed, etc.

Ideal for recording your sessions in order to analyze them and measure your progress.

You will find connected watches for sports at different prices, from € 90 to € 500

These watches can be used during sports sessions but also on a daily basis to display the time with elegance and sportiness or to answer the phone, read messages without having to use your phone. This versatility makes it a great gift idea.

Bluetooth Earphones / Headsets

Here is a gift that will also appeal to men who appreciate high-tech products.

Whether used for indoor or outdoor practice, wireless headphones allow you to exercise while listening to music.

These headphones are specially designed to be comfortable to wear during sports practice, having a perfect support at the level of the ears but without causing genes during sudden and repetitive movements.

Perfectly waterproof, they allow them to be used even underwater for diving or swimming.

In addition, these headphones are connected by Bluetooth, so there are no wires interfering with the athlete’s movements.

Sports accessories

Offering a sports accessory in the discipline practiced is a great gift idea and is sure to delight the recipient.

Some ideas for sports accessories:

  • Racket (tennis, badminton, ping-pong, squash)
  • Sports bag (all sports)
  • Gloves (combat sports, cycling, golf, bodybuilding)
  • Shoes (football, running, climbing, cycling)
  • Headlamp type lighting or other (outdoor sport, running, trail running, cycling, hiking)
  • Glasses (cycling, jogging, swimming)
  • Insulated water bottle (bodybuilding, mountain biking, triathlon, trekking)
  • Jump rope (warm-up, cardio training)
  • Pull-up bar, TRX kit (Home gym)

No matter what sport you play, there is always an accessory that needs to be replaced or improved. There is something for all tastes and at all prices.

Sports camera

A sports camera will allow the athlete to film his exploits in order to view them when they return home or to share them on the Internet.

In addition, they are generally supplied with a battery of accessories allowing them to be used in all situations (on a helmet, a bicycle, underwater, with a pole, a harness, etc.)

Different models exist and prices vary depending on the quality and performance they offer. The most popular brand is of course GoPro, but today there are many more accessible brands still offering good image quality.

Internship or coaching

Offering an internship or coaching is a great gift idea for a sporty man.

Whether it is an internship to discover a new discipline or an intensive internship in the sport he practices, for a day or for a week, an internship or a personalized coaching session will always be an excellent idea.

This gift will make it possible in particular to accelerate progress and to cross performance levels in the practice of sport.


Another good idea is to offer a piece of clothing designed for sports or a collectable jersey (football, basketball, cycling, etc.).

There is always a technical garment that will be adapted to the practice of sport, there are many possibilities (from head to toe!)

These clothes are both light, easy to wear and breathable to allow perspiration to escape during exercise.

Clothing suitable for contact sports such as combat sports or rugby will also be extremely durable.

You can also offer the latest jersey of his favorite team or a collector’s jersey.

Gift card

If despite these gift ideas you think that he will prefer to choose his gift on his own, you just have to turn to a gift card in a general multisport store like Decathlon where the Old camper.

With the gift card, you will be sure to please, and this with any budget.

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