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Airsoft: know everything in ten questions and answers! 

Here are the ten “tips” to know!

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a physical and playful activity which consists in the confrontation of players by the use of dummy weapons. Simplifying, we could say that airsoft consists of “play war”Is to play war in a fictitious way.

How was airsoft born?

It all started in Japan after the Second World War. The civilian population, because of defeat, is then prohibited from owning weapons. However enthusiasts, collectors, are looking for such weapons.

Then comes the idea for some Japanese companies to create dummy weapons. In the mid-sixties, the first models appeared.

Also in Japan, in the seventies, models capable of drawing “harmless” projectiles. The practice is set up where players and teams start to compete. Airsoft was born.

At the beginning of the 90s, the Japanese, (always them!), Made a big leap with the electrification of the equipment. Then appears the AEG for Automatic Electric Gun, weapons whose propulsion is carried out via a electric battery. Airsoft can then spread massively.

What is a replica?

A replica is an identical scale reproduction of a weapon but which does not fire live ammunition. The dummy weapons used in airsoft are replicas of real weapons but which, a priori, are not lethal weapons.

The first replica to be marketed is the famous FAMAS or Assault rifle from the Manufacture d’Armes de St Etienne. These reproductions of weapons were initially named airsoft gun, term which gave its name to the practice.

What equipment is needed to play airsoft?

Decide to practice airsoft? What then is the basic equipment? There are two elements that will be impossible to ignore. To play airsoft, you will first need a replica as well as the appropriate ammunition (small plastic balls). You will also need a eye protectionwhether it is a mask, or a pair of glasses that protect all of the eyes.

Other complementary accessories such as military or commando clothing or shoes are also possible. It will depend on your playing fields, and the type of player you want to play.

More and more players are choosing to draw inspiration from special forces like the Swat, Navy Seals or GIGN. It has also been noted in recent years that the Russian forces are particularly popular.

What is the average price of a replica?

For the first lines offered at entry level, whether it is a rifle or a pistol-type handgun, count arounda hundred euros. For mid-range or premium models, prices can go up to several hundred euros.

And, if you definitely enter the world of customization of your equipment, so that there is no longer a price limit. Airsoft being a practice of enthusiasts, it can quickly become addicting. For example, you can customize the exterior appearance of your weapon, as well as its internal mechanisms.

What are the differences between the existing replicas?

The first element of distinction between all existing replicas is the projection mechanism plastic balls.

The replicas can be mainly of three kinds: spring, gas, or electric.

Spring replicas were the first to be marketed. They are used less and less because they are impractical to use.

The seconds operate from a gas cylinder (propane or Co2) which has become miniaturized over time. They are a good way to get into the practice of airsoft to learn to aim in particular.

Now it’s the electric replicas, AEGs, which are the most popular. They are considered to be the replicas offering the best playing comfort.

Depending on your playing technique, sniper (ranged rifle) or close combat (handgun) for example, you will choose the appropriate replica.

What does the French regulation say?

The main consideration of French airsoft regulations is the peoples’ security. It takes as a control criterion the power deployed by the replicas used.

Very concretely, French legislation prohibits any replica capable of firing projectiles with an energy of more than joules 2 joules.

This calculation is easily carried out by the product of the speed of the projectile leaving the barrel and its weight. Beyond an energy of 2 joules, the replica will be considered as a weapon, and will therefore be prohibited for sale and use.

Second rule imposed by law, and always for security reasons, to protect physical integrity, wearing a eye protection: a mask or a pair of glasses sufficiently covering the surface of the eyes.

Finally, the legislation prohibited the sale of replicas to minors.

In France, the practice of airsoft is not framed by a specific federation. Several federations coexist such as the French Airsoft Federation or the Sports Airsoft Federation.

What are the basic rules?

The fair play is at the heart of the practice of airsoft. Practitioners act as players-referees because during an airsoft game, there are no people assigned to arbitration.

The balls fired by the replicas do not leave visible traces unlike in Paintball where the paint marks on impact. It is therefore necessary to count on the good faith, the fair play, of each player for the good progress of the game.

The second essential element is the establishment of a game scenario.

What are the different types of possible scenarios?

Airsoft is therefore played on the basis of a scenario, a story that will punctuate the game, define its playing conditions. The most common scenarios are those where it will be necessary: ​​to take possession of the opposing territory, to eliminate the competing team, to overcome a hostage-taking , get a flag …

This list of possible scenarios is not exhaustive, and this is what makes the practice so exciting! Each new part will be different.

Where to practice Airsoft?

Airsoft is mainly practiced in a club. By getting closer to the different existing federations, or by simply searching the Internet, you will easily find a club near you.

It’s a collective activity which will offer you many interactions, and great sensations shared with your playmates.

The playing field may be in outside or interior. Most often the practice will be done in a natural environment, in the forest for example. This type of environment lends itself best to the practice of war games, or armed confrontations.

We also observe in contemporary airsoft the tendency to confrontations in abandoned spaces, reproducing urban environments, for hostage-type scenarios and a game of close contacts.

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