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The best apps for exercising at home 

For start sports at home, a multitude of applications are available to you. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, let off steam or simply get away from it all for a home workout, the apps are there to support you.

Applications to follow a sports program at home

Sports giant Nike offers a comprehensive training program here, developed by experienced coaches. Sports exercises for beginners, muscle building or quick sports sessions in a few minutes, theNike Training Club app adapts to your level and your desires.

You can also define a personalized program according to the equipment you have and the time you want to devote to your sport. A must-have among free sports apps !

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

If you follow Instagram fitness accounts, impossible to have missed that of Kayla itsines. This Australian sports coach has formed a real community, over the years, around her BBG program. The concept ? Exercises to be done at home, spread over several weeks for in-depth fitness.

With the Sweat application, you will find the entire BBG guide, as well as expert nutrition advice. After a free trial period, you have to pay € 19.99 per month to continue following the Kayla Itsines workouts. A look at the motivating posts of the young coach on Instagram should be enough to get you started!

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

Applications to follow sports lessons at home

7 minutes is the time it takes to get back in shape with this ingenious application. Through a series of exercises explained in video by a sports coach, you quickly work your abs, glutes, legs and arms.

You can combine the exercises or focus on one part of your body, every day or just once a week. It’s your turn define a sports program who you will get to follow!

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

The Fizzup application supports you in your fitness with fast 15-20 minute workouts, easy to perform and without any equipment required. To be sure you don’t get bored, you have more than 100 original sports programs at your disposal.

Cardio exercises, stretching or sheathing: the coaching signed Fizzup brings together all the essentials of a good workout, without leaving home.

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

The best home yoga apps

Do yoga at home, it’s the best way to unwind and get away from it all. With Daily Yoga, beginners and pros alike are served with access to over 500 yoga postures, detailed by experts.

Several programs are available to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, from getting back into shape, relaxation or weight loss. The perfect app for start yoga practice, without leaving your home.

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

Another must-have application for do yoga at home. With Pocket Yoga, you adapt the postures and sequences to your level and your pace. To be sure to reproduce the right movements, a small dictionary of good postures is at your disposal as well as a voice-over (only in English for the moment) which guides you throughout the exercise.

Easy to use, the app (to download for € 3.49) is aimed at both beginners and experienced yogis. Now is the time to roll out your yoga mat !

Application available on the Apple Store and Google Play

All you have to do is move your sofa, put on your sportswear and start your sports routine, from home!

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