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Fred Duthil: “This one, she is majestic” 

Fred Duthil (Technique Voile Cabinet Bourhis Generali), the oldest of the event, a discerning amateur, has just won the third stage brilliantly, taking second place in the general classification. Impressions.

Le Figaro: Does this victory have a particular flavor for you?
Fred Duthil: This one, it is majestic. Yesterday evening, we were a bit at the back of the bus as they say. Like what, being at the back of the bus sometimes is worth it. The option paid off. It was planned from the start because I had spoken about it with my router, Christian Dumart, and he favored this option from the south of Belle-Île if there was a northerly wind. Obviously, it’s the last shot that pays off but I’m very satisfied.

Besides, you were not alone in this choice of despair?
It was not the option of desperation. I told myself that I was not changing my strategy. Anyway, if I had followed the peloton, nothing would have happened being behind. Besides, there was an opening and I grabbed it. And there were very, very few of us doing it. We will say that it is a big stroke of success, but once again, it is until the end that a race is won.

Compared to your three previous victories on the Solitaire, what does this represent for you?
I wasn’t about to win it at all. I have never dominated the fleet. You can even say wrong during the regatta. With all the same moments of good phases, but each time, I missed a little bit and it started again in front. I always felt like I was going the wrong way from the start and it was a bit tiring. Until yesterday afternoon when I allowed myself a nap which lasted too long and which could have cost me dearly.

You were an hour and two minutes behind leader Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire). After this arrival, you are only ten minutes away from him. Do you think about victory?
There, I do not think about it. Already, it is unexpected to win a stage on this Solitaire when I was not prepared. I did not have time to navigate the boat before leaving Saint-Quay-Portrieux. There, it is so huge and in addition there is a fourth stage. Whatever happens, this Solitaire is already successful for me.

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