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Neymar does his mea culpa 

If he reiterated his accusations of racism against Alvaro Gonzalez the day after the defeat conceded by PSG, Neymar regretted his reaction. While pointing the finger at the passivity of the referees.

Neymar is having a decidedly complicated end of summer. Seen to his advantage in Lisbon during the Final 8, the Brazilian from PSG did not remain silent during the three matches played in Portugal, his ineffectiveness weighing heavily in the defeat conceded to the Bayern Munich finally. Coronavirus contamination in Ibiza followed an absence for the resumption match in Lens and a failed return to competition on Sunday against theOlympic Marseille.
Barely, the former Barcelona drank the chalice until the bound, counting among the players excluded at the very end of the match. Blame it on a slap given to Alvaro Gonzalez whom he accuses of having uttered racist insults. No image comes to support these accusations but the Parisian No. 10 appeared very affected. And after having multiplied the vitriolic messages after the match to denounce the behavior of the Spanish defender, the native of Sao Paulo split a long publication, Monday, to express his pride in being black and to make amends for having “Lacking in wisdom” by reacting in this way.

“Yesterday, I was outraged. I was sanctioned with a red card because I wanted to hit someone who offended me. I thought I couldn’t do nothing because I realized that the refs wouldn’t do anything, that they didn’t notice or ignore the incident, he wrote. During the meeting, I wanted to respond as always, by playing football. The facts show that I did not succeed. I rebelled… In our sport, aggressions, insults, swearing are part of the game, of adversity. You cannot be affectionate. I partly understand this guy, it’s all part of the game. But racism and intolerance are unacceptable. “

Neymar meets Alvaro Gonzalez …

“I am black, son of black and grandson of black. I’m proud and I don’t see myself as different from anyone else, he continued. Yesterday, I wanted those in charge of the match (referees, assistants) to take an impartial position and understand that there is no longer room for a prejudicial attitude. Show and see everything that happened. I am saddened by the feeling of hatred that can be aroused when one breaks down in the heat of the moment. Should I have ignored it? I don’t know yet … Today, with a cool head, I answer yes. But in due course, me and my teammates asked the refs for help and we were ignored. “

And Neymar to continue by admitting his fault but hoping that the first offender will also be punished. “I accept my sanction because I should not have reacted like this. I hope, on the other hand, that he who has offended will also be punished. Racism exists, it exists, but we have to stop it. No more. Enough ! The guy was a fool and I acted like a fool too, he explained. Yesterday I lost the game and lacked wisdom. Being at the center of such a situation or ignoring a racist act will not help. I know it, but pacifying this ‘anti-racist movement’ is our obligation so that the less privileged can naturally be defended. “

The last words are for Alvaro Gonzalez, to whom he is already meeting. “We will meet again and it will be with my way of doing things, playing football. Rest in peace ! Rest in peace ! You know what you said… I know what I did. No more love in this world. “

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