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What is rebounding? – CC Everybody 

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Sharpening by hopping is possible thanks to the rebounding ! Explanation with a coach from the Bellicon trampoline brand, market leader.

By Fabien Menguy

The advantage of rebounding

We all put our feet on a trampoline to have fun jumping in place, but from there to make it an ingredient of our fitness training, there is only one rebound that we invite you to cross on a Bellicon brand trampolines. Their specificity? Offer devices with rubber bands rather than metal springs. “A detail that makes all the difference”, according to Florian Coutellec, trainer France Bellicon: “There is a flexibility in the support which allows to have a work of balance that there is not on hard, and of deepening of the deep muscles without trauma on the articular level. “

Typical session concocted by Florian Coutellec


Even before the warm-up and the search for sensations of heat, I try to leave 2 or 3 minutes for the person to take his bearings on the canvas. May there be a sensory awakening, may the foot be prepared.

The session

After the warm-up, alternate cardio (jumps in place with different leg widths, jumping jack, running in place with acceleration) and muscle strengthening, before returning to calm.

Squat: Place feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your legs while keeping your back straight and in tension, make a slow movement to feel the deep work on this surface which is flexible and deformable. Guaranteed sensations!

Squat Jump: Same as squats, but speed up the climb to jump as high as possible.

Push-ups: Place hands on the edges of the canvas, bend your arms while remaining toned across the body, use a slow speed at the start before accelerating.


The fact that we are a little raised allows us sometimes to go further in the amplitudes of strengthening and stretching, because we take advantage of this height to approach the ground by tilting a part of the body out of the trampoline. And if the body is on the trampoline, it is not a rigid fulcrum, so it will deform depending on the position you take. The fact that the elastic deforms in the same direction as the body is also less traumatic.


I take advantage of this deformed surface to put my entire spine on it and have a lumbar compression that we would have differently on the ground. It is pleasant for the intervertebral muscles. You can also use the trampoline for yoga, stretching, or Pilates.

Mistakes not to make

As with any activity, execution comes first, especially over exercises like jumps. It can be destructive. If you do jumps with a round back, you can damage your spine. Much like doing squat jumps on concrete, landing on the floor with your back rounded.


It depends on the person’s goal, but like a sports activity: 45 ‘sessions two to three times a week, that’s already good.

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