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The 5 most unusual combat sports – CC Everybody 

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Tired of judo or karate? Here are 5 of the most unusual combat sports!

The 5 most unusual combat sports


As the name suggests, this sport is a mixture of chess and boxing. Two athletes compete in a ring where a chess table is also placed. They must respect both the official rules of chess and those of boxing. There are 11 rounds in total: 5 of boxing and 6 rounds of chess. The first to checkmate or KO wins the game.


International sport in China, judose is a derivative of judo with a small peculiarity: The participants are forced on one leg to fight. It’s rather strange and sometimes quite brutal. To be honest, we don’t really see the connection with judo, but it’s funny. Try it is easy!

The Kino Mutai

A very dangerous sport originating in the Philippines, Kino Mutai is a specialized sub-section of certain martial arts that emphasizes biting, pinching, eye-dodging and other “dirty” fighting techniques. Basically, during a fight, the first to bite 9 different body parts (specific areas) wins the fight… Luis Suarez should maybe try this sport…

The Bartitsu

The martial art of the gentleman! Bartitsu is a mixed martial art and method of personal defense originally developed in England. In 1901 it was immortalized (as “baritsu”) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes detective story. It consists of a series of techniques to deal with all kinds of attacks. It is practiced with bare hands or with a weapon, such as an umbrella or a cane. This martial art became popular thanks to Sherlock Holmes.

The Dambe

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