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What are the Best Running Shoes? TOP 10

What are the Best Running Shoes? TOP 10 

Like many other activities, sport has democratized so that today running – running – is part of the daily life of many French women and men. So, you who are looking for the best running shoe for women or men, you are in luck! We have indeed selected the best models for you, those whose technical characteristics we hold in high esteem, and whose value for money we consider excellent. For the neophyte of the race as for the expert of the running, an equipment adapted to his practice is essential; so we show you models of different types, followed by a dedicated buying guide to help you determine which is the best running shoe, that is to say the one that best meets your needs … and to your budget!

The comparison of the best running shoes: our complete selection!

You can find below the different models that we have selected for you. To establish the comparison, we made a point of giving priority to the quality-price ratio, by finding products offering both a balanced price and high technical characteristics. Finally, we called on customer and consumer opinions to supplement our opinion and, above all, to gain objectivity.

1. The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21, for its cushioning

asics gel nimbus 21 running shoe

The ASICS quality is undoubtedly there, and will not leave anyone indifferent, from neophytes to intense racing enthusiasts!

90% of them granting the maximum score on the purchasing platform, it seems obvious that these are the most laudatory, both in terms of cushioning and comfort. They are also delighted with the quality of the workmanship, and in particular the stitching.

We side with consumers, although we can regret the price disparities. Fortunately, it appears that the majority of prices are concentrated around an average, while a few exceptions show a disproportionate price. We can only bet that these are not the ones that will catch your eye!

The +

  • Available in many styles and colors.
  • High cushioning for great shock absorption.
  • Very good levels of comfort.

The –

  • Tends to lack rebound due to heavy cushioning.
  • Prices vary greatly depending on style and size.

2. The Mizuno Wave Rider 21, comfort and cushioning

Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Mizuno is certainly illustrated as one of the most recognized manufacturers for running shoes, and this model comes to demonstrate it to us. It is suitable for the universal neutral stride and therefore suitable for the larger world. Popular, it comes in a myriad of styles and sizes, although we may regret at the same time that the prices vary greatly. It features a classic but durable and secure design: synthetic for the upper, textile lining without visible seams and rubber for the sole. Note that it also benefits from excellent grip , even if it is obviously less pronounced on muddy and slippery terrain. According to users, everything is very comfortablein use – and above all reliable, since many of them claim to have been running regularly for several years, without the sports shoe losing many of its formidable properties. With its strengths, the model can thus boast of a good reputation with consumers, 80% of which award the maximum score for an average of 4.6 / 5. Some customers still notice that they are a bit ‘to be learned’ as they will require some time to be worn and used in order to properly adapt to your foot shape and stride. Thus, if the first strides are not necessarily the most pleasant, it is therefore only an unpleasant – but fleeting – moment to pass.

The +

  • Good grip of the soles
  • Excellent support
  • Strong cushioning up to around 85kg
  • Very comfortable wearing

The –

  • Large price variation depending on styles and sizes
  • Need to wear them for a while so that they adapt to the morphology

3. The ASICS Gel-Cumulus 21, for its comfort

ASICS Gel Cumulus 21

Tired of blisters, tight feet, more than limited rebound? You are looking for comfortable running sneakers; so much the better, the ASICS Gel-Cumulus perfectly meet this requirement.

Customers almost exclusively mention the positive points, insisting sometimes on comfort, sometimes on build quality. Again, this price variation fortunately has only a small impact, since it only concerns a few specific models. For the rest, the value for money is undeniable, and even if the generous cushioning of 29mm weighs down the shoe, the fact remains that comfort is never sacrificed. A most balanced model therefore!

The +

  • Available in 4 colors, with a consistently successful design.
  • Excellent durability, running sneakers suitable for running on hard ground.
  • Comfort is at the rendezvous!

The –

  • Prices can vary greatly depending on styles and sizes.

4. The New Balance 1080v8

New Balance 1080v8

Users are raving about it, that over 50% of them give out the maximum rating for this model. They emphasize both the cushioning of the heel and the comfort of the shoe, a quite simply perfect mix when we know that a significant cushioning leads to a higher weight, and therefore potentially to a feeling of discomfort. Nay, consumers answer us!

If we found that price diversity was already a recurring problem, it is here quite delusional, the price being able to go up to 8x the price of the cheapest model. Fortunately, again, there are only a few exceptions that add to the bill. For the rest, we clearly recognize the New Balance quality, both in the various integrated technologies and in terms of general manufacturing quality.

The +

  • Many styles and sizes available for purchase.
  • Excellent support thanks to the custom fit, enabled by the absence of seams and the molded foam collar.
  • Strong cushioning thanks to the Fresh Foam midsole.

The –

  • Too great a range of prices.
  • Slight lack of grip on wet terrains.

5. The Asics Gel-Kayano 25

Asics Gel Kayano 25

We already found Asics previously, and here it is with another ultra popular model. Available in many variations, it is therefore found in various styles, various colors… but also various prices. If the pricing sometimes reaches peaks, it should be noted all the same that it can be attractive, below 100 euros. And in view of the formidable qualities of the running shoe, it would be wrong to do without it! It combines performance with comfort, enhancing the latter with the help of a Flytefoam midsole. Designed to allow the shoe to regain its original shape after each stride, it provides support and comfortall along the route. Note that it also comes with interesting properties for breathing, ensuring optimal ventilation of the shoe. The manufacturer also chooses the balance between cushioning and rebound, using the Ortholite X-40 sole. While this will appeal to the greatest number of people, note that some consumers say they prefer more (much) more cushioning. They remain nevertheless satisfied by the performance of the running shoe, being more than 75% to give a 5/5 on the corresponding purchasing platform. Overall, we will value its value for money for the first price brackets, Asics once again demonstrating its know-how in this area.

The +

  • Impressive choice of styles, colors and sizes
  • Perfect foot support
  • The Flytefoam sole: comfort & breathability
  • Balance between cushioning and rebound …

The –

  • … but too little cushioning for some
  • The cost varies a lot depending on the model

6. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Zoom Pegasus 36

Few French-speaking consumers: we are therefore turning to consumers across the Atlantic! And they are most satisfied: even if they warn that they cut relatively small, they insist above all on the comfort they provide. To walk or run: these running sneakers are yours!

The users actually pretty much said everything that needed to be said. For our part, we are impressed by the excellent balance between cushioning and weight, in order to always prioritize comfort. A comfort which, as we have seen, is for consumers the very reason for the existence of this model!

The +

  • Several colors and sizes are available for purchase.
  • Very comfortable, they also offer good support.

The –

  • Sizes relatively small: take a size larger!

7. The Brooks Glycerin 16

Brooks Glycerin 16

World-renowned sports equipment supplier, Brooks unveils here a model of great beauty, with various very neat styles. There is thus a wide variety of colors and sizes available, so you will inevitably find yours! This, especially since its universal neutral stride concerns the most runners compared to pronators and supinators. Composition side, we stay on something classic, although the synthetic leaves the top to join the lining, the first being in canvas. As many consumers indicate, we are thus in the presence of reliable and durable running shoes., suitable for moderate to intense practice. In terms of performance, the Glycerin 16 share the properties of the Mizuno Wave Rider 21, the model perfectly combining comfort and cushioning . Many customers report their knee pain that has disappeared since wearing these shoes for running, marathon, semi … Comfort, on the other hand, benefits from DNA Lofts padding, a smart choice that does not impact the effectiveness of the shoes sport. The nearly 80% of users giving it a 5/5 attest to the popularity of this model, although some of them note a little lack of support on the sides. In their eyes, however, the whole is frankly reliable, solid and efficient.

The +

  • Many variations of styles and colors
  • Ultra comfortable DNA Lofts padding
  • Important cushioning
  • Excellent durability

The –

  • Prices change a lot depending on the variants
  • Slight lack of side cushioning

8. The Saucony Triumph Iso 5

Saucony Triumph Iso 5

The price-performance ratio is undoubtedly the great success of this model, especially when one considers its obvious manufacturing quality, for example with regard to the sole.

The +

  • Available in several colors and styles.
  • Quality sole for intensive running.
  • Important cushioning …

The –

  • … But maybe too important, that basketball can lack rebound.

9. The ASICS Gt-2000 7

ASICS Gt-2000 7

To close this selection, we find a magnificent pair of ASICS, moreover more accessible than its sisters. While the style is typically “class”, we would still have appreciated a greater diversity of choices instead of a single model.

The +

  • Worked design and quality stitching and finishes.
  • The reinforcements provide optimal support for the foot and ankle.
  • Fast shoes thanks to an excellent rebound …

The –

  • … But, as a result, a slight lack of cushioning.

10. The Salomon X Ultra 3 Prime GTX W, for its support and grip

Salomon X Ultra 3 Prime GTX W

It was almost certain that we would find Salomon in this top – and with this model, we are served quality! With more than 65% of consumers giving the maximum score, they are visibly delighted.

While praising comfort and excellent support, they are delighted with the various innovations made, such as the Gore-Tex membrane, to keep your feet permanently dry! The only criticism made actually concerns the size, namely that it is better to opt for a size larger than your usual size.

It is arguably the best women’s running shoe, and ultimately misses the top 1 by very little. What does it matter in the end, as the quality is there – as such, we particularly appreciate the devices studied, sometimes to preserve comfort and breathing, sometimes to improve support.

The +

  • Available in several colors and sizes.
  • Sensifit reinforcements provide excellent support.
  • Very good grip thanks to the Contagrip sole.
  • Excellent circulation thanks to the breathable mesh and the Gore-Tex membrane, for total impermeability.

The –

  • They are relatively small.

Everything you need to know to buy the best running shoes: advantages, criteria, brands

You have previously been able to discover the best models, whose price-performance ratio leaves no other comparison possible. But both for the other models on the market and to choose from those in our comparison, it is essential to have all the purchase keys! And for that, the buying guide reveals the brands of running shoes, the criteria to be taken into account or even the advantages of the product.

best running shoe

Why buy running shoes for running and not simple sneakers? Advantages

Some neophytes may be a little suspicious and wonder what interest can a running shoe. In reality, we will speak of interest, because there are several on the counter! Thus, such equipment provides:

  • Perfect grip on the terrain and rebound with every stride, for a dynamic running shoe.
  • The cushioning, which will depend on the weight of the runner as well as the racing terrain.
  • Comfort: the materials are not only designed to offer better support and perfect adhesion to the foot, but they are also designed to offer optimal breathing.
  • Protection for your ankles and joints and your foot, thanks to constant stability despite various terrains.

We understand, therefore, the interest of turning to such equipment, which we can rightly qualify as “adapted” to the practice of running. It is nevertheless a generic term, since there are also different types of terrain, such as roads, paths or forest, and running practices, such as trail running or running. simple feet. It is therefore important to know your practice in order to know which is the best running shoe, namely, the most suitable for your practice.

What is the best brand of running shoe?

There are two main types of constructors in the field: specialized manufacturers and general mass distribution. If the products from the second are generally much cheaper, their quality often leaves something to be desired, and in fact, they are certainly not suitable for moderate to intense running.

It is therefore preferable to turn to specialized manufacturers, the famous “brands”. It is not a question, here, of simply relying on a name, but of listing the brands whose know-how, experience and professionalism have made them essential in their field. We therefore find:

  • Adidas
  • Altra
  • Arcteryx
  • Asics
  • Brooks
  • Dynafit
  • Hoka One One
  • La Sportiva
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • On-Running
  • Raidlight
  • Reebook
  • Solomon
  • Saucony
  • Under armor

These are the main brands whose product quality is well established. This list is not exhaustive, however, so if a brand that you don’t know appeals to you, do not hesitate to do some preliminary research!

The criteria for buying running sneakers

Now let’s move on to the famous criteria, those we previously used to establish our comparison. They mainly cover the technical characteristics, but also insist on your personal preferences, in order to find the best running shoe, that is the most suitable. Discover them now!

The type of stride: universal, supinator or pronator

To beginners in the field, these terms may seem quite foreign, but they cover fairly simple realities. Indeed, to choose your running sneakers, you have to determine your stride – because yes, we do not all share the same way of running! There are therefore three main categories of strides, intersecting with wear:

  • The universal stride concerns one runner in two, and corresponds to a wear located on the middle of the forefoot.
  • Pronator strides come in second, corresponding to about 45% of runners. This time, the shoe wears out on the inner edge of the forefoot.
  • Finally, supinator strides only affect 5% of runners. In this case, the shoes wear out on the forefoot as a whole.

To determine your stride, nothing could be simpler: observe the wear of your current shoes!

What size for a running shoe?

With each stride, the foot tends to move forward in the shoe, so that it can quickly find itself cramped or even too compressed, possibly leading to an injury. To determine the size, rely – when possible – on customer and consumer reviews. Otherwise, consider that it is always welcome to take a size larger than your actual size. This, especially since the feet tend to swell slightly over the course of the day!

Weight and cushioning

While cushioning also depends on the type of terrain, it mostly relies on the runner’s weight. Thus, the heavier the runner, the more cushioning will have to be important, in order to protect the foot and the joints with each stride.

Comfort: sensations, breathing and weight

A running shoe must be light enough, between 250 and 350 grams, not to weigh and be uncomfortable over time. Likewise, dwell on the sensations you want to find again: do you just want to not feel the sneakers? Or get a better bounce? Or, conversely, greater shock absorption? As such, remember that more cushioning also means more weight, and therefore more discomfort. To consider !

Running: distance and terrain

Define your practice: how often do you plan to run? How many kilometers? As such, moderate to intense activity may require having more than one pair of running sneakers in your possession. So you can alternate and frankly decrease the risk of injury!

When it comes to the type of terrain, it is commonly accepted that a road run will require better cushioning where the shoes can bounce more on the paths.

The reliability and quality of the seams

Check, via customer reviews and / or tests, that the seams hold up over time. Likewise, check that no visible seam or other pattern is likely to hurt you during the race.

Design: styles and colors

Little advice to give you on this side, since this is an eminently personal subject! Note, however, that the models are available not only in women’s or men’s running shoes, but also in styles, patterns, colors … In short, many possibilities are available to you on the design side, so do not neglect this point!

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