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The 8 Best Golf Discs of 2020

The 8 Best Golf Discs of 2020 

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If you like golf, you will love disc golf. Disc golf, sometimes called Frisbee or frolf golf, is a sport that is in many ways almost identical to golf. However, instead of throwing a ball with a club towards a hole in a grass field you throw a plastic disc through the air towards a metal basket target, often in a nine or 18-yard course. holes with trees as obstacles.

The basic rules are the same: the lowest score wins. In addition, there are a variety of techniques and specialty shots just like with golf, like the hyzer, which you need to use in your approach or to get around a hazard. Disc golfers also use putters, drivers and intermediary discs, which act as irons. There is even a professional disc golf association, such as the PGA, but many people play on local courses found in amusement parks. And, most importantly, disc players also have to avoid the pesky water hazards.

As you get into disc golf, try to get your friends at disc golf or work to improve your disc golf game, check out some of the best discs used in the sport today. These high quality discs will allow you to play exactly where you are aiming and hear that satisfying tinkle of the target chain basket before anyone else.

Our Top Picks

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Best overall: Innova Champion Roc3

Innova Champion Roc3

Disc golf brands may not be as well known in popular culture as Callaway, Titleist and Cobra, but the sport has top quality brands. Innova is one of the best and most popular disc golf manufacturers on the market. The company offers dozens of disc designs for everyone, from beginners to experts. With many variations on each disc style, from driver to putter radius, Innova gives everyone what they need. One of the most popular and versatile discs of the brand is champion Roc3.

The Roc3 Champion is a mid-distance disc that can be used as a fairway disc for experienced tossers or a disc for all occasions for people new to the sport. Available in three weight ranges – 165-170, 170-175 and 175-180 grams – this disc is perfect for control shots and called Innova’s “go-to mid-range” disc. Disc golfers love this transparent disc that comes in a variety of colors for its fading confidence and versatility. Its diameter is 21.7 centimeters.02 of 08

Best price: Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

Individual discs are not very expensive, but if you are trying to equip yourself for a game, it can add up quickly. Try the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set of three discs at a bargain price. This set includes the Besta driver, the Cobra mid-range disc and the Aviar putter and approach disc. Each of these, inexpensive starter discs weigh between 160 and 180 grams for easy pitching.

Innova explains that the Beast is for beginners and pilot-designed experts. He will fly straight and very independently of the golfer. The Aviar putter is among the best in the world and is constantly used in competition. In addition, the Cobra is a large set of disc fence, similar to a strong 7-iron. It can help you throw down the fairway and approach the target with precision. This Innova Disc Golf Starter Set even features a mini disc that can act as a golf ball marker to keep your lie going while you get ready.03 of 08

Best Driver Distance: Driver MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Distance

An ideal distance driver doesn’t just go away, but it travels exactly where you want to place it. The MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Distance driver is designed to do just that. A distance version of the MVP Volt fairway driver, the Tesla allows disc players to play from a distance with true precision. The disc design leads to “reliable fade,” minimal turning, stability and a little extra distance at the end. MVP recommends this disc for players who like to gun or backhand play. This driver is approved for use by the PDGA and comes in a white Neutron plastic design, which is easy to detect on the brush.Get free travel deals in your inboxGet exclusive discounts on everything from 5 star resorts to flights.One-tap Subscribe 04 of 08

Best Midfielders: Innova Champion Mako golf 3 disc

People love the Innova Champion Mako 3-disc golf disc for one reason: It always flies in a straight line. Disc golfer after disc golfer praises this simple mid-range disc for its flight pattern, which allows users, both new to the game and experienced, to improve their chances of hitting the target.

Great for straight shots as well as hyzers, Mako sports speed 3 and glide ratings of 5 and turn and disappear numbers at 0. Available in a range of colors, this disc is approved for PDGA competition and is popular in many bags golfers.05 of 08

Best Putter: MVP Proton Ion Putter

The MVP Ion putter is the perfect disc for that tough 15-yard putt or as simple a tray. Made of durable, weather-resistant proton plastic, the Ion gives disc players a reliable and stable float for the target every time. The club is designed with a wavy edge to increase stability and a straight pitch. Experienced golfers can place a subtle fade or some spin on this putter, however, too. This club is so popular due to its versatility and reliability. Some players even use this disc for approach shots as well – as a putter that is also a pitching wedge. The disc comes in three transparent “sweet colors”: green, blue and pink.06 of 08

Best for Beginners: Driven Disc Golf Bundle

Beginners will love this Boosted Golf Disc package because it has everything and all of its superior quality. Once you have this set you don’t need anything else to go and beat the course with your friends and start playing.

This package includes a Slingshot disc golf bag to comfortably carry your discs as you walk around the course. As with golf, a good bag is crucial in disc golf. The bag can easily carry up to eight discs at a time and boasts additional space for your phone and keys. The Driven package also includes three Innova discs – the Valkyrie driver, the mid-range Roc disc and the Aviar putter. The whole set comes with a mini disco placeholder and a satisfaction guarantee.07 of 08

Best for Kids: Discraft Mini Bog Z Buzzz Disc Golf Disc

It’s not just the hornet character of the five color options that will make kids love the Discraft Mini Bog Z Buzzz Disc Golf Disc. This small disc, weighing only 62 grams, is about six inches in diameter, placing it directly between the size of a normal golf disc and a standard mini disc. Young children will have a much easier time playing this smaller and lighter disc that is still made to proper specifications.

In addition, the disc can easily be used a disc marking place. It is a great addition for parents who want their kids to have a disc to use at times, but want to get extra use of the disc at other times when they play. It is less expensive than many regular sized discs and is available in yellow, orange, blue, green and pink.08 of 08

Best Backyard Set: Franklin Sports Target Set

Buy a gift for the kids or do you want to practice in your backyard without spending a lot? Try the Franklin Sports Set Target. This handy set has a target folding cart complete with chains and a rearing umbrella catch zone, plus three discs.

The neon green basket is easy to spot and fun to practice your shot on. In addition, you can pack up this set goal quickly and carry it in the carry case for travel and vacations. Bring it to barbecues, the beach and even back doors as a fun way to play disc golf on the go. The fact that the target is much easier to move than a professional-grade target basket means that you can get creative and make difficult shots to challenge yourself when practicing.

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